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'I have total trust in nature and humanity that everything will turn round right in the end. All we have to do is change ourselves, by becoming an Imaginal Cell and dream in a new way. If we want to see real change we have to live it, and be the inspiration for others.' 

Rebekah Shaman has studied and worked with three ‘feminine’ plant medicines over the last 20 years; Ayahuasca, Cannabis and Cacao.

From 1998-2012, she apprenticed with a traditional Peruvian Ayahuasquero shaman, in the Amazon. From 2005-2011 and was Founder and Director of Hemp Global Solutions Ltd, growing hemp research crops in the UK and educating on the importance of this crop for medicine, nutrition, fuel and shelter.

Since 2013 Rebekah has been facilitating ancient sacred Cacao Ceremonies around the world. She takes people annually to the Peruvian Amazon for eleven day traditional Ayahuasca Amazonian retreats to work deeply and intimately with the Mother Vine, Ayahuasca. She is also a consultant for Hempen, an organic hemp cooperative in England and is deeply involved in promoting and reinvigorating the Hemp industry in the UK.

Rebekah inspires conscious change by educating on the importance of 'Plant Consciousness' for our future survival, and assists those in the urban jungles to live more shamanically, reconnecting them back to Nature, and the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

Rebekah has a BA (Hons) in Study of Religions, and MSc in Development Economics, both from SOAS University, and a Post-graduate Psychology Diploma in the Human Givens Approach. She is also the author of ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice’.