Shamanic Mentoring Sessions

Shamanic Mentoring Sessions

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Are you ready to leap but feeling scared? Are you ready to fly but afraid of falling? Are you ready to trust in life and yourself and overcome all fears and doubts? Are you ready to live your dreams and manifest your reality?

If so then my Shamanic mentoring sessions can help you achieve all your goals.

Using various shamanic techniques and exercises we can release old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you, and prevent you from moving forward. In our first session we identify the issues that are stopping you from moving forward and then tailor make a programme that will enable you to recognise your strengths and talents and rewire the internal hardware so you are free of limiting conditioning and beliefs.

The sessions, combined with homework and exercises, bring long-term results and within just one session you will start to see big changes, as you begin creating the life you have always desired. Sometimes we just need that little push to help us leap off the edge so that we can fly.

If you book 6 sessions you receive a free Skype consultation prior to payment to see if this is right for you.